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Kings Mountain National Military Park

March 3, 2018 - 10:00 to 12:00

Price: Free

Carolina Orienteering - Map and CompassReport from the Meet Director – Walter Siegenthaler

What a beautiful day, nothing but sunshine and comfortable temperatures. This was the last time running the event on the existing map that was made by Georgy Kuntsevitch, a mapper from Russia, more than twenty years ago. The interesting part of this map is that Georgy made this map without the use of a base map which means he started out with a blank piece of paper and drew every contour line and everything else that is on the map. Amazing that we were able to use this map for such a long time.  Yes, we have made some updates whenever we found something that was not mapped right or had changed. Unfortunately, Georgy passed away way too young due to cancer.

As we were orienteering out in the park, Bob Burg, a mapper from New Jersey, was driving south to start field checking for the new map. This time the piece of paper he is taking out into the woods has a lot of information on it already. The contours were generated from LiDAR data (laser data collected from an airplane flying over the terrain). I’m looking forward to setting courses next year with the new map in hand.

The week before the event we ran into problems with the online reservation for pre-printed maps (sorry for the inconvenience), so my e-mail inbox started filling up with notes about the problem and orders for maps. After all was done – we broke a record for the most number of reserved pre-printed maps, I had reservations for 113 pre-printed maps! It looks like everybody likes the convenience of bypassing the copy tables and I think it makes the process flow better. Keep in mind that the reservation for pre-printed maps closes on Wednesday evening before an event in order to allow for the printing of the maps and transferring them to the meet director.

Unfortunately, there were still some participants who did not check in with the time keepers when they came off the course. This causes unnecessary worries for us organizers, not knowing if we have to start a search party. PLEASE CHECK IN WITH THE TIME KEEPERS, IF YOU FINISH THE COURSE OR NOT!

A big thank you to my wife Lissa and our friends Philip and Bruce for handling the start and finish. And thank you to James Sisk and Rick Vogel and his boys for helping to pick up controls.

Blue Ridge #237:00
Blue Ridge #641:00
Blue Ridge #346:00
Blue Ridge #41:05:00
Dairy Queen1:08:00
The Waffels1:10:30
Scout Squad1:17:30
Blue Ridge #71:19:30
The Moon1:26:00
Yum Yum Patrol
(winner best team name)
Lucky Unicorns1:49:30
Flying Bandits1:49:30
The Wolves1:54:30
3 Stooges
(Curly or Shemp?)
Sun Valley #12:31:30
Odd Squad2:48:30
Lincolnton #1DNF
FabeaDid not check in!
Wren HS (Haley)49:11
Wren HS (Sam)55:04
Wren HS (Micah)55:29
Wren HS (Austin)58:44
Wren HS (Eric)1:02:28
Sun Valley #61:03:00
Sun Valley #51:24:30
Lincolnton #11:32:00
Andrew Troop 4201:32:00
Team Muri1:36:30
Sugar Bowl1:49:00
Wren HS (Caleb)1:56:36
Chimney Rock1:57:59
Wren HS (Sydney)1:58:59
Wren HS (Kassidy)1:59:00
Midland Valley #22:13:00
Lady Mav2:22:30
Lady Centurions2:24:30
Robbi B.2:36:00
The Lost & Found
Wren HS (Dalton)DNF
Wren HS (Alexis)DNF
Sun Valley #259:17
Sun Valley #41:03:18
Cliff B.1:11:23
Wren HS (Miller)1:21:37
Tree Patrol1:23:37
North Gaston #71:27:00
Al Beers1:27:00
Wren HS (Boedy)1:27:18
North Gaston #21:30:00
North Gaston #31:31:30
Sun Valley #31:33:23
North Gaston #41:35:00
John R.1:36:30
North Gaston #11:37:30
Lewis und Hund1:38:30
Mauldin #11:41:30
Daniel W.1:42:00
Keith A.1:42:42
Neal D.1:53:30
Deb D.
(Girl Scouts rock!)
Cathy B.1:57:55
Midland Valley #11:58:30
North Gaston #62:15:00
Charlotte's TeamOT
Anita E.DNF
North Gaston #5Did not check in!
Tod Creech2:14:28
Richard Stuart2:17:53
Midland Valley #32:23:47
Jim M.OT
Erik Andersson1:18:13
Grant Staats1:18:39
Matthew Getz1:41:23
Blue Ridge #1Time/space continuum
Dan DavisAlways a pleasure to see him
Mallard Creek #1DNF, but had fun
Maudlin HSWent for the gold, but ended up with Dysprosium


March 3, 2018
10:00 to 12:00
Event Category:


Walter Siegenthaler


Kings Mountain National Military Park
2625 Park Rd
Blacksburg, SC 29702 United States
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