Registration is probably the first place you will see when you go to an orienteering event. Registration is open for a specified time, usually 10:00 AM to 12 noon for most events. You can arrive and register any time during that period. However, make a note of anything that may not be open for the whole event, such as beginners’ instruction or the string course. At registration you will fill out an entry form, including basic information like what course you are doing, as well as a basic liability waiver. You will then get a map of the area, a control card, and a control description sheet. A map case (a clear plastic bag) is usually available too, and can help keep your map, control card and control descriptions clean and organized. Adults and teenagers may sign up to go out singly or in groups of two or three (more is usually unwieldy). Children should always be accompanied by an adult for safety. If possible, get a map for each person so everyone can join in navigating through the course. The control description sheet lists the features you will be looking for on the course; this will make more sense to you once you have copied the course onto your map (if the map is not pre-marked). After registering, you can usually start the course as soon as you are ready.


Be sure to check in at the finish, even if you do not complete the course, so that the organizers are not searching for you. Check out the results board; results are usually posted as they come in, even for beginners’ courses. It is often fun to compare the routes you took with other people who did the course. The results for each event will be posted on this website on the event’s page.

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