Quick List

☐ Compass with clear baseplate

☐ Waiver form (if applicable)

☐ Lanyard for Compass

☐ Whistle

☐ Water

☐ Snacks

☐ Weather appropriate clothing

Before The Event

Orienteering is a fun outdoor sport and for the enjoyment of everyone participating in club-sponsored events – we ask for your cooperation with a few rules so that the experience of orienteering is safe, fair, and fun for all.

Before participating in any vigorous outdoor activity – please assess your own personal fitness level and review any medical condition you have with your physician that may impact your health. Group leaders and other adults are responsible for the health and welfare with under-age participants brought to a meet.

All participants (or responsible adult) must sign a waiver prior to participating in an orienteering event. All participants are exposed to risks and there are no on-site medically trained personnel available during events (which are held at remote locations). Waivers are indicated during online registration. For participants who do not purchase maps – a separate waiver form should be downloaded, filled out, and signed prior to the event. Please bring your signed waiver form to the event if you did not indicate a waiver online during map purchase.

All participants must pre-register and pre-pay online. There are no means to accept any form of payment or to provide a map for anyone who shows up without pre-registering. After payment and registration – an email is generated as confirmation of the map sale. Payment is processed at the time of registration. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Refunds are not generally allowed unless compelling circumstances dictate. Requests for refunds must be in writing to the meet director within one week of the event. A preprinted map will be made available at the event for those who successfully register and pay online. A compass may not be needed for a beginners’ course. If you have one, bring it. COK has a limited number of compasses available for use (security collateral may be required).

Day Of The Event

Check the weather and if any ice or snow is forecasted, check the event location’s website to see if the park is closed. Otherwise, orienteering is a rain or shine sport – so come prepared!  Dress appropriately for being outdoors and expect to get dirty. Good, sturdy shoes suitable for off-trail hiking are highly recommended.

Once you enter the park, be on the lookout for directional signs to the event location. Park in designated areas only. Group bus parking should not impede other parking spaces. Proceed to the event registration table for processing and getting your map.

During The Event

  • A strict 3-hour time limit beginning from your start time is imposed. If you can’t finish a course, proceed back to the start location.
  • Always check in and out with the meet organizer.
  • Do not remove or change a control.
  • Be aware of any horses that may share the trail. Give them lots of space.
  • Be aware of any “Out-of-Bounds” areas marked on your map.
  • Watch out for yellow jackets, wasps, poison ivy, and snakes.
  • Be careful crossing streams, going up/downhill, jumping over logs, etc. – keep safety in mind!
  • Keep close watch on your personal items since the COK does not have a “lost and found.”
  • Be respectful of nature and park property. Orienteering is a “Leave No Trace” sport.