Permanent Courses

If you’re looking to hone your skills between meets, you can find permanent courses at local parks. Permanent wooden posts with numbers or letters are placed in various locations within the park. You find them based on your own decisions regarding:

  • where you start and end (e.g. where you’re parked) 
  • how far you want to travel (e.g. amount of time you have)
  • how difficult or easy you want to travel (e.g. stay on trails or venture off)

You decide which controls to seek out and the order you want to visit them.  You can find them all in one fell swoop or come back multiple times looking for different controls.  You can also try finding the same controls from different directions.

Download and print maps before you go to the park.

Permanent controls provide users with options for training and just having fun. Please report any problems with permanent controls to COK.

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